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8 Reasons Why You Should Visit Goa in Monsoon

Before we sit down to plan our getaways, the first Google search most of us make is the best time to visit that destination. When it comes to the glistering beaches, and culturally vibrant charm of Goa, the most arguable best time that everyone will recommend to you is the classic summer, but if you manage to find a local who also understands the roots of this holiday paradise, that monsoon is when you must explore this otherworldly destination. 

Still, waiting for Goa’s more popular summer season? You may be missing out on one of the best time to visit this stunning destination, courtesy of the monsoon season, which runs from May to mid-October. Here’s every reason why you should plan your trip to Goa during the rainy season, and give yourself a post-summer trip packed with coastline bliss.

Post-rain Mornings are Sunny, Bright, and Perfect for Exploration

Imagine walking up to the sweet scent of rain-soaked sand surrounding your perfect villa, opening the window curtains only to realise that there can be a rainbow welcoming you to Goa any moment that day, and a not-too-hot temperature that hits just the spot for you to strap on your backpack and explore every little nook of this gem of a state. If you are travelling to Goa during the monsoon season, this is exactly the experience you can expect. 

The Rain Brings a Green Tint to the Lush Goan Flora

Travel to Goa any other time of the year, and the summer vibe will confidently be reflecting upon the lush forestation and palm trees. They would still be glowing but try getting a peak of these green landscapes during the Monsoon season and you’ll realise that travellers are not just missing the most beautiful sceneries but also the amber tint that elevates it. If you are a nature-enthusiast or just someone who finds solace amidst the arms of mother earth, visiting Goa during monsoon is exactly the bucket list plan you need to make.

The Crowd Disappears

Goa is obviously packed most months of the year, and yes, the bustle of the crowd do add to the vibe and culture of this place but during the monsoon months, the jam-packed, tourist-y crowd disappears, leaving behind a handful of travellers who either intend to explore beyond the summer season or simply plan to enjoy a more peaceful time and have this magical place all to themselves.

Hotel Bargains Abound

Most hotels offer deals during the summer, from discounts to additional amenities in their packages, there are also very prominent reasons why they do so. Summer season is the peak time in Goa, a time when business is booming, but during monsoon, most hotels don’t just offer discounts, they naturally cut-down the prices to accommodate the most people they can. It is not just a bargain, booking accommodation during the monsoon is a steal.

The Freedom to be Flexible

When travelling during the summer, most travellers have to follow a compressed itinerary if they want to experience it all . Restaurants are pre-booked, most hotels close reservations and anything and everything you want to do is followed by a strict schedule. Beside a charming allure, monsoon season in Goa frees you up from this stress and makes it easy for you to do all you want without the rush.

It’ll Help the Local Communities

The classic Goan summer season is a great time for tourism, and even greater for its economy, but a very important aspect, their local communities doesn’t often get much of the benefit during that time. Visit Goa during monsoon, stay at a family-run inn, eat at local restaurants and shop at communit-run markets. It’ll not only expose you to Goa’s true culture but help small-businesses stay afloat during off-season.

The Temperature is Cooler

The hot summer season in Goa is great to escape the cold, and the gloom, but the monsoon season offers a sunny sky with a pleasant temperature that won’t hamper your endless plans. You can sit outside for as long as you want, enjoy early hours at the beach, and even participate in adventure activities without running any risk of overheating or hampering your health.

Dramatic Scenes During Dawn and Dusk

One of the best things about the aesthetic element of Goa is that every corner of this destination you photograph promises an Instagram-worthy shot. But during the monsoon season, the dramatic skyline during sunrise and sunset define beauty, and only during this particular time is when you get to observe these unmatched views.

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