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Coronavirus Guidelines for Goa Travellers

As the Covid pandemic proceeds, travel limitations are continually moving—and it is not just important for travelers planning a visit now, but also for potential visitors who are looking forward to a trip to Goa. Locally, the government is battling against rising case numbers, taking the required steps to prevent the spread of the variation COVID-19 strains, and maximized medical services frameworks.

To help you monitor everything, we've gathered together the travel rules, from compulsory isolates to tests needed upon the appearance, and we're refreshing this month to month. Right now, Goa is open for tourism—in addition to inviting domestic travelers— it is also slowly reopening the entire industry safely. Please note that the information below is obtained from the official press release by the Government of Goa’s tourism website which you can directly visit by clicking the link here.

Read on for our complete guide to COVID-19 state travel restrictions for Goa:

All tourists will have to undergo a basic screening at the entry point. Any tourist exhibiting sickness or COVID-19 related symptoms upon arrival will be subjected to a COVID-19 test at designated testing centres/hospitals at the tourist’s cost.

Authorities will check: if the booking was made with any registered accommodation unit with the Department of Tourism and is permitted to operate; and the validity of booking for the entire duration of the stay.

Is it safe to travel to Goa right now?

Yes, it is perfectly safe to travel to the state of Goa as the government has lifted the travel ban imposed due to the spread of Covid-19. But don’t take our word for it: check out the latest guidelines, travel solo or with a small group of people while ensuring that you follow all the Covid-19 related guidelines issued by the government. 

Covid-19 Travel Advisory for the state of Goa

In case the tourist is carrying a COVID-19 negative certificate, they will be allowed to move to booked accommodations.

In case a tourist is not carrying a valid COVID-19 negative certificate, he/she will be directed to undergo testing for COVID-19 at designated testing centres/hospitals. 

Thereafter, they will have to go into self-isolation till the test results are received. The isolation facilities will be provided by the accommodation units themselves, where the tourist made a pre-booking. 

Once results are received, only and if found COVID-19 negative, the tourist shall be allowed to travel outside the isolation facility. In case any tourist is found COVID-19 positive, the accommodation unit will act as per the extant protocol issued by the State Health Department. All costs for COVID-19 tests including the stay at the isolation/quarantine facilities shall be borne by the tourist themselves.

There is currently no quarantine in place for travellers arriving at Goa.

Unlock 6.0 Guidelines

The State Government of Goa on September 14, 2020, has revised guidelines for tourist entry into the state of Goa. Accordingly, only those registered hotel accommodations in the state which have complied with the Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) and guidelines have been permitted to operate. 

The detailed guidelines are as follows:

• Tourists should book hotels that are registered and permitted by the Department of Tourism.

• The list of permitted hotels is available at the website of the Department of Tourism, Government of Goa at and website of Goa Tourism Development Corporation at 

• Tourists visiting the state by road/rail are not required to carry any separate permission/ e-permits.

• Covid-19 test is not mandatory for tourists coming from other states. However thermal screening will be mandatory.

• International travellers should be subjected to the extant protocol issued by the Government of India.

• Tourists are required to fill out a self-declaration form in the format provided at their accommodation unit. 

• All other guidelines and protocols as per the ‘Safety and Hygiene Guide’ circulated to all stakeholders shall remain unchanged. 

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