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Top 10 Beach Resorts to Stay in Goa

The go-to destination for a coastline holiday has plenty to offer its eccentric travellers, whether you’re planning an intimate getaway for two or finally getting-onboard for a road-tripping through Goa's classic towns. Enjoy scuba diving, snorkelling or speed-boating excursions on the glittering blue sea, or explore Goa's best landmarks with attractions, restaurants, endless nightlife and even beach-hopping across the state. Adventure sports, cocktail bars, tropical lifestyle and glistering white-sand beaches make Goa a resorts paradise for holiday-makers; and here’s our selection of the best.

  1. Santana Beach Resort

Envision a stay where you can enjoy everything that's on your wish list, at whatever point you need it, without agonizing over the bill toward the end. The pristine Santana Beach Resort in Candolim is a family-run hotel that offers you a cosy setting amidst sprawling green gardens, a poolside restaurant perfect for fine-dining plus a bar, and direct beach access that makes your morning commute to the waters nonexistent. You get your private steward to organize whatever you want – including limitless watersports and spa medicines, free-streaming champagne and journeys including remote location picnics, extravagance yacht outings and Jet Ski safaris.

  1. Beleza By The Beach

This casual four-star resort, near Colva Beach, is a beach lover's fantasy without the eye-watering charge you can expect at other retreats. Hungry voyagers can browse through a grand menu for complimentary breakfast or if planning a staycation, help themselves to the tea/coffee making equipment available in their rooms. Located at a distance of 6 kilometres from the Goa Chitra Museum, and just a quick ride away from the central market, the 2-3 bedroom villas this place offers make an unmatchable offer that you'll be hard-pressed to resist. 

  1. Marquis Beach Resort

There's something about staying closer to the bustle in Goa that brings you an unexpected wave of calm. With the best nightclubs, parties and restaurants at your fingertips, a stay at the Marquis Beach Resort can entirely change the mood board for your trip to Goa - for the better. This incredible hotel in Canacona is only a 5-minute ride from Little Cola Beach, which means visitors can join a city visit just in a hot second from the seashore break. Peruse keepsakes, devour curries in little neighbourhood cafés and gawp at amusing cocktails that come your way – at that point get back to the retreat's gin-clear waters, soothing spa and cabins on the seashore or over the water.

  1. Marron Beach Resort

Make yourself at home in one of the sprawling guestrooms, highlighting docking stations and every amenity that'll help you get ready for the upcoming adventures. Rooms have private galleries or decks. Mostly open washrooms with showers highlight precipitation showerheads and free toiletries. Unwind at the spa, where you can appreciate rubs, body medicines, and facials. You can exploit sporting conveniences like an outside pool, a sauna, and a wellness community. This hotel likewise includes free remote internet access, attendant services, and an arcade/game room.

  1. La Cabana Beach & Spa

If you've come to Goa for sun, ocean and sand, this tropical hideaway has you covered. The retreat's wooden chalets, demonstrated in a customary Goan architecture, are brightened inside with lumber boards and elegant themes. Verandas open up to either the nurseries or the seashore, and even the rec centre is ocean looking at the spectacular scenery. Normally, there are water sports, in addition to two freestyle pools and different redirections, for example, bike rentals and a spa. Children will adore the family activities that they can enjoy in the vicinity of this place, with its home-like feeling that makes every experience the best one.

Pro tip when looking for the best resorts in Goa: The proximity to the beach is a must, but if the resort is where the life of Goa can be observed (let's say tucked near the nightlife hotspots) there's no better choice for a thumping getaway.

  1. Bay 15

Bay 15 is perched near one of Panaji’s lush neighbourhoods and offers outdoors oceanfront eating and private seashore access. Visitors can watch the sunset over the Pacific from the overhang or be hushed to rest by the thundering waves just external the window. There's additionally free yoga every morning held right on the sand and a spa giving the sweltering stone back rubs and facials – all with a serenading view.

  1. Riva Beach Resort

Venturing into Riva Beach Resort feels somewhat like entering a theoretical craftsmanship exhibition: the entrance is a to a great extent a welcoming living room, overlooking the Mandrem Beach of North Goa. When you look into your comfortable room, the aura of this resort helps you unwind perfectly and the planned suite, equipped with the aptest amenities, and you'll feel right comfortable. The cafe options, spa, yoga and outdoor activities offer the greatest amusement and recreation for your trip.

  1. The O Hotel

Any day you show up at The O Hotel is a great day to start your adventure in Goa, and the 5-star hotel, resort and spa nestled near Candolim beach in North Goa are exactly where you need to be before you head out. With colonial Portuguese and Indian blend of cultures, the bigger structures and estates peeping out from behind them the retreat gives it an urban charm without taking away the serenity it offers with nature around.

  1. Regenta Mandrem

Blink and you may think you just jumped into a post-card from somewhere in Europe: At the northernmost finish of Goa, this tranquil escape style of architecture stands out like a frontier magnum opus in an ocean of pastel-hued Art Deco diamonds. Inside, rooms are extensive and have classic yet luxurious amenities, composing leisure areas, and a curiously large swimming pool; the lodging additionally tallies a majestic view of the Arabian ocean.

  1. Salcette Beach Resort

With one of the city's best panoramic views and a Goan charm that is hard to come by, Salcette Beach Resort has been consistently the most recommended resorts in the region. The property's strong, the soothing property incorporates some of the most comfortable rooms packed with all the amenities you need during your trip to Goa.

  1. Estrela Do Mar

The Estrela Do Mar is a classic, excessively cool best luxury private beach resorts. Located at a distance of 10 km from the 17th-century Fort Aguada, the inn offsets calming moderation with the extravagant decor to make an upscale seashore house vibe. Consider top-class amenities, lounges, pre-booked tours and incredible natural surroundings. The free breakfast buffet is a plus.

  1. Planet Hollywood Beach Resort

Planet Hollywood Beach Resort is conveniently nestled at a distance of 20-minutes from the airport offers a sleek room and colourful artwork that gives a magnificent view of the Pacific Ocean. There are two stylish restaurants, an outdoor pool, yoga and gym facilities that will make your stay in Goa more than a retreat, it's an unforgettable staycation you won't want to end.

  1. Zuri White Sands

Zuri White Sands is a resort and casino in Varca is a traveller's favourite that combines luxury with a home-like setting, making you comfortable and ready for your Goan adventure. With a pool and breakfast buffet on-site, this place is an all-in-one stay packed with everything you'll need.

  1. Whispering Palm Beach Resort

Offering hospitality services unlike any other resort in Goa, Whispering Palm Beach Resort boasts 106 rooms that are perfectly styled to fit all your needs. From an amalgamation of traditional decor with ultra-modern amenities, booking this place when you plan your next trip is the best decision you'll ever make. 

  1. Baga Beach Resort

As the resort describes itself, this is the perfect place where you can 'Pause-the-everyday.' Just across from the Arabian Sea, The Baga Beach Resort is one of the most recommended places to stay in Goa and can surely impress you with its spacious room, an on-site restaurant that offers a classic contemporary and Goan menu alongside sea view rooms that'll make you swoon with bliss.

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